Introducing JUMP!

For a while now I’ve been hyping the idea of ZendoPixel’s first Android game, and I’m finally ready to let the cat out of the bag!  Although it’s not ready for launch yet, I’m excited to start talking about the game, which is named “JUMP!”.  Yes, the exclamation point IS part of the name.

JUMP! is a casual yet addictive strategic ball-rolling and jumping game.  The objective is to keep your ball rolling on the platforms through a series of forward and sideways jumps until you reach the goal, while collecting power-ups like safety nets, lives, and speed boosts.  There are plenty of interesting choices to be made — Will you try for the life power-up, or go for the speed boost to finish quickly?  Can you reach the goal teleport for an easy win?

JUMP! will be released in a free Lite version, featuring 5 levels to demonstrate the core gameplay.  The Deluxe version will have all 30 levels, more power-ups, more unique challenges, more special effects, AND a custom Level Editor so you can create and play your own levels!  Read more about JUMP! on the Games page.

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