Why ZendoPixel?

As people start to learn about this brand, one of the questions they’ll probably ask is “Why did you name your brand ‘ZendoPixel’?”. So here’s the logic behind the name.

To start, ZendoPixel was a unique name not easily identified by the major search engines. It’s a lot easier to claim something as your own, and trademark it, when it isn’t a common name.

I also wanted something that was easy to spell, easy to say, and sounds pretty darn cool. I think ZendoPixel fits the bill on all accounts there, and I won’t have to spell it out when I ask someone to check out “zendopixel.com”.

4 thoughts on “Why ZendoPixel?

  1. Manas, thanks for asking! Our first game, called JUMP!, isn’t on Google Play yet but we’re hoping to release it soon. Please keep an eye on the Games page or our Facebook/Twitter feeds for the latest information. Thanks for your interest!

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