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JUMP! Deluxe BETA Feedback

I published JUMP! Deluxe BETA to Google Play at 5:41pm on the 12th of November, 2016. As of this writing the beta app is still freely available on Google Play and can be installed by clicking the button below.

JUMP! on Google Play

I had 4 testers express interest in the beta. I reached out to many more via Facebook and Twitter, and got about 10 responses overall in two weeks. About half of those were asking if JUMP! could be played on iOS. Certainly a fair question, and I hope to respond with a resounding “YES!” for my next game.

Here are my current takeaways:

  1. Graphics need work.
    I’m a programmer, not an artist, but will be working on this!
    • Add polish with tutorial screens flying in.
    • Make buttons look nicer.
    • Fix wall perspective for more immersive feel.
  2. Fonts are ugly; change to non-serif.
  3. It’s not clear how many lives or safety nets you have.
    I can make this more obvious with better effects.
  4. It’s not clear where to create a custom level.
    I need to use better menus/help to show this.
  5. Some players think the life and safety net icons are obstacles, trying to avoid them instead of picking them up.
    This comes back to graphics, but I have some ideas for icons and effects to make the power-ups look more enticing.
  6. Players don’t like losing progress when game is lost.
    I think there needs to be a penalty for losing the game, but may consider adding save points every 5 levels.
  7. Players would like to disable audio.
    I may add this if there’s time.
  8. Sharing custom levels would be cool.
    I agree, but don’t plan to add it in this version.

This isn’t ALL of the feedback, but some of the best ideas I plan to work on before the official release, which is looking like early 2017 at this point. Thanks again to all my beta testers for your excellent feedback!

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