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JUMP! Deluxe BETA Launched!

Alas, the day is finally here!!! JUMP! Deluxe BETA is now available for BETA testing on Google Play™!

It is no easy task releasing an app of any kind, so there’s a HUGE sense of accomplishment for me even just getting to this stage. Now comes the hard part: marketing — telling everyone we can about it! Because a game without any players is a sad game indeed :'(

Would you like to help me with JUMP! beta testing? If yes, then please check out the…

JUMP! Beta Feedback Forum Post

That post has a link to the game on Google Play, details on what to look for while playing, and the multiple ways you can provide your beta feedback. As always, I am extremely grateful for your support, even if all you do is take the time to read this page. Thank you!

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