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    Welcome, Beta Testers!

    I can’t tell you what a HUGE help it is to me to have you test JUMP! before I release it officially! Please take some time to play through the game, trying to beat all beta levels, and also create a custom level in the Level Editor.

    If you haven’t done so already, download the free beta on Google Play.

    JUMP! on Google Play

    While you’re playing, keep an eye open for things like:

    • Game fails to load or closes unexpectedly
    • Game stops responding to your touch events
    • Views that are confusing or not intuitive
    • Game won’t let you save or play custom levels
    • Anything unexpected!

    To submit your feedback, please do ANY (but at least one!) of the following:

    • Register Here and then add a Reply below this post.
    • Email me directly at feedback@zendopixel.com
    • Submit feedback directly on the Google Play store listing. Your review will not be public; only I will see it.

    Is the game fun? Did any errors occur while you were playing? Any and all thoughts are appreciated!

    Finally, I would really appreciate your help spreading the word. Sharing a link to this page so others can JUMP! into the beta test (see what I did there!) would be awesome. Also make sure to like/share ZendoPixel on Facebook and follow ZendoPixel on Twitter!

    THANK YOU!!!

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    I’ve played and finished all levels of the beta and made a custom level.

    I quite liked what I played! Sort of like a top-down version of Skyroader (which was amazing).

    Some things I’d like to see improved though:
    – The buttons: left, jump, right, are too small and (currently?) unnecessary anyway. You could make the buttons invisible after the first few seconds of gameplay, and have them extend across the entire length of the screen. Unless you’re planning on adding additional touch events above the current button placement, of course. Alternatively, you could experiment with a tap+swipe control scheme: tap=jump, swipe left=jump left.
    – The serif font used for most of the text is terrible. Even Arial would have been better!
    – The wall graphic at both sides of the screen feels…off? I guess it’s due to the lack of perspective in the brick motif, but I get it: if you had put a vanishing point somewhere, you would need to skew the wall textures according to the player’s viewpoint. This is easier for now.

    That said, definitely a fun game! The 3d ball looks slick. Is it pre-rendered?
    I’m interested in seeing the game develop further. 🙂

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    Louis, thanks for the detailed feedback!

    Can you tell me what device you’re using? On my Galaxy S6, the buttons do extend across the screen, but there could be a scaling issue. I originally did have swiping for the jump, but felt the controls needed to be more… immediate. LOL, I will change the font.

    Good point on the walls. I’ve gotten so used to them, but they could probably use another pass. Yep, the ball is pre-rendered; it’s a sprite sheet from a 3D model I made in Blender 🙂

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